Jupiter Dimmer FAQs

How many downlights work on 1 Jupiter dimmer connector?
This will vary depending on the wattage of the downlight. The max load of the Jupiter dimmer connector is 100W.
– Therefore you can connect approximately 10 x 10W downlights, – 10 x 10W = 100W
– If you had 7W downlights installed, you could run 14 off the one Jupiter dimmer connector. 7W x 14 = 98W.

Do you have to use Wi-Fi to work Brilliant Smart or can they work it off phone data?
Brilliant Smart Wi-Fi product only work with Wi-Fi Signal. For the control, you can use your phone data via Brilliant Smart App to control our smart products

Can you use a non-smart switch with a Jupiter dimmer connector?
Yes. You can turn on/off power to the Jupiter dimmer connector using a regular switch. Also, note, by using your wall switch to turn off your lights, it will negate the app.

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