Google Assistant FAQs

Why can my app account link with Alexa Skill but not link with Google Action?
1. Please first confirm whether this is a network or proxy issue. Have a look at the Google Action interface to see whether it displays “Can’t update setting, check your connection” or other such message. If it cannot connect because of network reasons, then when you return to the assistant interface you will see the spinning loading circle. After loading, the device list will be displayed.
2. If you have confirmed that the network and proxy are normal but the action cannot be linked, please check whether the account you need to link is for the same app and account. Then check whether there is a device linked to the account, and whether the device is offline. If there are no online devices, you just need to add a device and ensure it stays online.
3. If there is a device under the app account and it is online, but action still cannot be linked: Check whether the device under the account has already activated the Google speaker function.

How to find new devices via Google home?
After adding a device to the app, you need to find the Action “BrilliantSmart” in the “Google Home” app. Unbind the account and re-bind it to control the new device through Google home.

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