App FAQs

What are the requirements for the system version of the phone when using the APP?
Mobile version requirements: Android4.2 and above, iOS8.0 and above.

Can I control multiple devices in my app?
Yes. You can add devices of the same model to a group for unified control or configure scenarios for associated control of different devices.

How many administrators can I set?
The number of administrators is not limited.

How can I add family members?
Click Me on the homepage and click Home Management. Select the family to which a member is to be added, and click Add member. On the displayed Add member page, specify Name for the member and set Account number to a mobile phone number or an email address. You can specify this member as an administrator by enabling Set as administrator. After you configure the member information, click Completed.

How many groups can be set for a single device “Schedule”?
A single device can set up to 30 sets of “schedule”.

How many scenes can be created in the APP?
You can create up to 50 scenes.

How do I disable the phone notification service for a specific smart scenario?
Tap the scenario under Automation on the Smart page, and delete Missed call reminder from Carry out the following actions.

How to achieve group control of multiple devices of the same model?
If multiple devices of the same model have been added in the APP and you want to achieve group control, you can go to the device page which you want to add a group. Click the upper right corner ” ✏“ and then click “Create Group” . Tick the device you want to create and click the “Confirm” button in the upper right corner to create a group. These devices that join the group can be controlled by the group.

How to remove the device?
Go to the device control page and click ✏” on the top right corner of the page. Then click “Remove Device” to complete the operation.

Is the countdown timer used for power-on or power-off?
It depends on the status of your device. If the device is off and you set the countdown timer to 12 minutes, the device will boot up after 12 minutes.

Is the family information cleared after the family is deleted?
If you delete a family as the family administrator, the family information will be cleared and the added devices will be reset. If you delete a family as a common family member, the family still exists, but you leave the family and can no longer view the family information or operate the home appliances or scenes.

Do common family members and family administrators have different permissions?
A family administrator has all operation rights, including deleting the family from the app. A common family member can only operate devices and scenes but has no right to add or delete smart devices.

What should I do if the test message pushed by the app is not received?
Messages are pushed by third-party systems. For iOS users, messages are pushed via Apple; for Android users, messages are pushed via Google.
Immediately after a message is triggered, Brilliant will submit the message to the third-party system, but the third-party system may push the message after a delay.

Why is the device group function unavailable within a LAN?
Currently, the device group function is implemented via the cloud, during which the cloud sends the control instructions to every device in the group. Therefore, in the scenario of network disconnection between the cloud and device, the device will not receive the instructions.

How long will the user information be stored on the app?
The pictures and videos captured by the camera are stored for 30 days, and other information is stored permanently until the user stops using the account.

How long can data be stored in the app?
The data can be stored for one year

How many users can be created in the app?
The number of users created in the app is not limited

Why cant i control my devices using my phones 4G?
If the device is online normally, please check if your mobile phone has enabled mobile data permissions for the corresponding apps.
iPhone: Settings > Cellular > Find Corresponding App > Enable Cellular Network
Android: Settings > Data Traffic Management > Application Connections > Find Corresponding App > Enable Mobile Data

Why does the app always show that the device is offline, and how does it automatically recover in a second or two?
It may be resulted from your phone performance. Generally, phones running on iOS are not likely to have such an issue, while some low-performance Android phones may have. If the app has not been launched for a long time, it needs to connect with the cloud when you log in again, so the device is displayed as offline. As the app is temporarily not connected with the device, it is not actually offline. It is a normal phenomenon, and you don’t have to worry about it. Just like many apps require to buffer for a few seconds before displaying content, which is actually a process of connecting to the cloud. This may be also resulted from your phone performance and Internet connection.

Is there a limit to the number of scenarios in the app?
There is no limit to the number of scenarios added in the app. You can add based on your needs.

Can the timer be set differently for several days?
You can open the app, go to your device, click “Add Schedule” and select multiple work days or weekends you need to set in the “Repeat” list.

Why can’t I share device with others?
1. Please confirm whether the user has the account of the App.
2. Please confirm whether the area you registered with the other party is in the same country/region.

Can I remotely control the device?
1. For the first time, the mobile phone and device must be placed under the same Wi-Fi network environment.
2. After the device is connected to the network with Wi-Fi, the phone can be switched to other network control.
3. Make sure that the device must be connected to the Wi-Fi at all times so that the app can be used for normal linkage.

How to cancel the countdown function?
Please set the countdown timer at 0 hours and 0 minutes to cancel the countdown.

How to obtain MAC address?
1. Open up BrilliantSmart App
2. Enter “My Device” and click “… ” icon on the top right of the screen
3. Enter “Device Info”, check “Device ID”
4. MAC address is the last 12 numbers of “Device ID”

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