Alexa FAQs

Why can BrilliantSmart app control devices while Alexa cannot?
If a device and your mobile phone where the control app is running reside on the same network, the mobile phone and device are located on a LAN. Therefore, the app on the mobile phone can control the device. However, in fact, the device has gone offline. You are advised to disconnect the device from the LAN, reconnect it to the LAN, and then perform account binding using the Skill.

Does Alexa support the voice control of scenes?
Alexa supports the voice control for scenes. Set up scenes in the app, and then discover devices; the scenes set in the app will appear in the Scene list of the Alexa app. The command to trigger the scenes is as follows: Alexa, turn on scene names

Why can’t Echo find new devices?
To find devices, Echo needs to meet the following requirements:
1. Make sure that the app account binds with Echo and the account that the device is on are the same;
2. Make sure that the device is online. Offline devices cannot be found.
If devices still can’t be found, try using the web version of the app. The Alexa app may be unstable in some regions, in which case the web version can be used to search and control the speakers.

When I am using Alexa to control a device, the speaker does not respond with “OK” or display an error. It just makes a beeping sound and then the indicator is off.
When this happens, it may be because Alexa cannot accurately distinguish the user’s command or work out their intention. We recommend you try to change the device name in our app to a more easily recognizable name (such as “bedroom light” or “living room”) then search for devices again and try to control the device using its new name.
If this doesn’t work, please provide your device ID and app account for troubleshooting.

The Alexa app’s device screen displays “Device is unresponsive”
If this message appears, it means the device status currently saved on the server is offline. It is recommended that you switch your phone’s network to 4G and enter the BrilliantSmart app to view the device’s status. If you find the device is actually offline, you can try the following troubleshooting method: The device has been successfully added but suddenly displays “Offline”.

When using Echo to control things, commands are not carried out
1. Confirm that the device supports voice control and that it is already linked to the speaker. For details, see the manuals for Echo and Google Home.
2. Confirm that the device is online. You can check that everything is normal through the app.
3. Different devices support different voice commands. Check that the command you want to use is supported.
4. Check that the device name is easily recognizable. It is recommended to use two or three common words, for example, “living room light.”
5. Check whether there has been any change in the smart device app account linked with Alexa. For example, the device may have been reset or the account switched for another.

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