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Q: I cannot get my Smart Plug two flash quickly? A: Turn power off at wall for 30seconds. Then turn power on at wall.  Hold the control button until you hear a click, release the button and it should be flashing quickly and allow pairing mode with the BrilliantSmart app.
Q: The Smart Plug failed to connect to the BrilliantSmart App. What can I do? A: Ensure the WiFi password is correct. Ensure that the Router you are connecting to does not already have too many device connected to it. Ensure the Smart Plug, router and mobile device are within range of each other. Ensure your WiFi is 2.4GHz and type IEEE802.11b/g/n.
Q: I have setup the Smart Plug with an appliance, but the appliance will not turn on. A: If the appliance has its on on/off switch this must be left in the on position so that the Smart Plug can control it.
Q: What is the system and hardware requirement for BrilliantSmart app? A: iOS 8.0 or higher. Android 4.1 or higher
Q: Using my mobile device, I can control via Wi-Fi, but when I try to control via 3G or 4G it doesn’t work? A: Restart you mobile device and try again.
Q:  How many Smart Home products can be added and controlled by the BrilliantSmart app? A:  There is no limitation on the App, however your router may become full.
Q:  Can I use Amazon Echo/Google Assistant or Google Assistant to set the timer function in the BrilliantSmart app? A:  No, Amazon Echo/Google Assistant do not support BrilliantSmart app’s timer function. As of right now Amazon Echo/Google Assistant can only turn on/off Smart Plugs and Smart Switches.  For Smart Bulbs, Amazon Echo/Google Assistant can turn on/off, dim/brighten, and change colour
Q:  Do smart home products support IFTTT and ZigBee? A: BrilliantSmart app and products support IFTTT, Google Home, Amazon Alexa. BrilliantSmart products doesn’t support Zigbee. For more details please refer to our official website.
Q:  What encryption types do our Smart Home products support? A:  Currently our smart home products only support WEP and WPA/WPA2 encryptions.  Portal and WPA/WPA2 enterprise are not supported.  For security un-secured open networks are not supported. Note: Smart home products do support hidden SSIDs.  You will need to enter the SSID and password manually to connect when you do the configuration.
Q:  Do our Smart Home products support 5GHz Wi-Fi? A: BrilliantSmart products only work with 2.4GHz WiFi currently.
Q:  Can BrilliantSmart devices be controlled by multiple phones? A:  Yes, you can share your BrilliantSmart products with other BrilliantSmart APP user in different devices.
Q: Do BrilliantSmart home products retain their settings if power is disconnected, like Power outage, or breaker blown, etc.? A:  Yes, they should retain their settings and restore connection once power is restored.
Q:  Can our Smart Home products be used outdoors? A:  The BrilliantSmart WiFi plug is designed for indoor, however it may be used outdoors if you are able to connect to a WiFi signal and the unit is not exposed to the elements.  Also, they should remain with-in their operation temperatures. Note:  Using a product outside of its designed means may void the products warranty
Q.  What voltages do BrilliantSmart home products support? A:  Our mains voltage BrilliantSmart products are rated for 240VAC 50Hz supply.
Q:  Do BrilliantSmart home products need to be in the same room with Amazon Echo/Google Assistant? A:  No. as long as you find BrilliantSmart APP in Alexa Skill and Google Home Action list and link BrilliantSmart APP with your Alexa or Google Home account.
Q:  Can multiple Smart Home products work with Amazon Echo/Google Assistant? If so, do I need to use separate names for each product? A:  Yes. While you’re setting up the products in the BrilliantSmart app, you will get the opportunity to set a custom name and icon for each smart device.  When you pair them to Amazon Echo/Google Assistant, you can also divide the Smart Home products into groups to control them.
Q:  Will the Timer and Schedule function still take effect if internet is down? A:  Yes, those functions will take effect even if the Smart Home device loses its internet connection. Note: If the device is manually turned off, then Timer will be shut down while Schedule continues.
Q: Can I plug in a power strip to the smart plug? A: Yes, you can plug a power strip into a Brilliant Smart Plug and turn it on/off via the BrilliantSmart app or voice command with Amazon Echo/Google Assistant. The total draw and wattage of devices plugged into the power strip should be within the rated amperage and wattage of the Smart Plug.
Q: Can the Smart Plug/Switch control multiple lights? A: Yes, they can as long as the total current draw and wattage does not exceed the rated amperage and wattage of the Smart Plug/Switch.
For example, you may use it to control you Christmas tree lights outside.
Q: Does the Smart Plug block both plugs on the socket panel? A: It may. Some plugs. Depending on design will fit next to the Smart Plug.
Q: Can I use Smart Plug/Switch on my TV so that Amazon Echo/Google Assistant/Home Kit can turn on/off the TV with voice? A: No, most TVs go into standby mode when you turn them off. Since the smart plug shuts off all power once the TV is turned off it would need to be manually turned on after power is restored.
Q: Can Brilliant Smart Plug/Switch work with Apple Home Kit? A: No, our smart devices doesn’t support Apple Home Kit.
Q: Can multiple plugs/switches work with Amazon echo? If so, do I need to use separate names for each smart plug? A: Yes. While you’re setting them up in the BrilliantSmart app, you will get the opportunity to set a custom name and icon for each smart device.  When you pair them to Amazon Echo/Google Assistant, you also can divide the smart plugs into group to control them. For example, if you have two plugs, you could name one “Table lamp” and the other one “tree lamp”.  Then group them to be “living room lamps.” Then you can ask Amazon Echo/Google Assistant to operate then separately or both.
Q: Can I ask Amazon Echo/Google Assistant “turn off power after 30 minutes” since BrilliantSmart app has timer? A: No, Amazon Echo/Google Assistant doesn’t support BrilliantSmart’s timer functions.
Q: Do I need to buy Smart bulbs to be able to control lights with Amazon Echo/Google Assistant using your smart plug/switch? A: No smart bulbs are not needed. The switch will control whatever is on the circuit that it’s installed on, and Amazon Echo/Google Assistant will provide voice control for that device.
Q: Is Smart WiFi Plug a dimmer? A: No, Smart WiFi Plug does not have dimmer feature.
Q: Can I manually turn on/off the lamp/other devices via the switch on the Smart WiFi Plug? A: Yes, when the Smart WiFi Plug is connected to the electrical system properly, you will be able to control the lamp/other devices in the system manually.
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